Why using a VPN for your SME

Why You Should Use a VPN in Your SME

Your favorite series isn’t available on Netflix in Canada, but it’s available in France? By using a VPN, you bypass geoblocking and you can find your favorite actors, without crossing the Atlantic. The VPN, or private virtual network, has long been used to modify a geographic location and thus exceed the restrictions in force in some countries. But a VPN isn’t just about usurping your position! It’s also useful for protecting your business data. My Technician explains why this technology is a must for your SME.

What is a VPN?

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure channel that connects two devices, a smartphone or a computer, and the Internet. VPN is widely used today, by both businesses and individuals to avoid making data exchanges visible.

It will protect the user from interference, espionage, censorship while browsing. With VPN, it is also possible to hide the location, IP address and encrypt the data.

How Does it Work?

Normally, when you or your employees visit an online site from your computer or tablet, your ISP recognizes you with your IP address. This address is specific to each device and the data you exchange while browsing the Internet is not encrypted, the information remains readable. With a VPN, you install a secure tunnel between your computer device (laptop, phone or tablet) and your VPN provider’s service data center. Thus, the IP address is no longer that of your computer, but it is replaced by the IP address of the VPN and the data sent becomes encrypted, therefore unreadable.

Having a VPN means giving your employees the ability to access a local network from anywhere.

In the age of telecommuting, it is necessary to allow your employees to access their working documents from any corner of the world. By connecting to the unsecured Wi-Fi network of cafes or public libraries, your employees make your business potentially vulnerable. By using a VPN, your employees will be able to read, edit and save their files as if they were in the office, securely, whether they’re on the road abroad or on their couch. By using a VPN, you offer your employees the opportunity to be productive, even outside the office, without compromising the security of the company’s local network.

Having a VPN means guarding against the risks of hacking

As we’ve seen, when your data is browsing between your device and the Internet, malicious people can interact with your information. By using a VPN, you browse anonymously and avoid sending your data directly to a server.

Have a virtual private network and one of the quickest and easiest ways to secure your connection and browse anonymously. However, there are dozens of free or paid VPN services that are more or less effective. A few months back, NordVPN, one of the world’s most recognized VPN providers, admitted to being the victim of a “breach” in March 2019 that allowed access to one of their data centers in Finland. Other providers such as TorGuard VPN and VikingVPN have also experienced security vulnerabilities. It is therefore important to choose a serious and recognized service. Several factors such as speed or the number of servers around the world need to be considered when comparing VPN offers.

Why is the use of a VPN Beneficial to a Company?

Using a VPN can only be beneficial, no matter the size of the company. It secures any communication that will occur within the company. It is beneficial for employees working from home, employees on assignments in another country who can use their own devices to work without being a risk.

It is useful when employees move to customers, use a public network of a hotel or airport. These are unsecured connections that can make the security of the company’s data vulnerable. Through the VPN channel, security is increased, geographic restrictions are circumvented.

The use of VPN in business

As soon as your employees log in with their logins, the VPN protects them. Therefore, you can share your confidential files safely that even the government will have trouble deciphering, no one can now monitor you. Trade secrets will be protected as well as identification codes and various accesses.

Your connection is transmitted to the VPN server you logged in to and you now appear to be connected from that server. With VPN, no matter where you are to work, you can trade safely as if you are in your office.

You won’t have to worry anymore. In addition, you can get a VPN at an affordable price while sailing quickly without any problems.

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