The Asigo System by Chris Munch

What are Chris Munch’s Top Course Launches?

Veteran digital marketer Chris Munch is known for providing training programs and business courses suitable for online marketers, beginners, and experts who want to succeed and earn more with fewer workloads through a strategic plan with guaranteed success. 

Chris Munch has an established reputation and legit courses through massive testimonials from various people who have taken advantage of his online courses. Aside from online classes, he, together with his expert team, has created powerful software that simplifies digital marketing and provides profitable results to IMs. 

All of his courses help entrepreneurs generate a stable online income. No wonder that with another training program this year, such as the new Asigo System, many digital entrepreneurs have reserved their seats to get their tickets and be part of the program instantly.

If you are still looking for credible and reliable resources contemplating whether you will check the course or not, here are a few references for Chris Munch’s best courses and software. It helps online entrepreneurs achieve stability with their right decisions through investment and embracing freedom like you genuinely deserved. 


The 100 ShoutOut Course

The generous $100k Shoutout is a unique device that helps individuals achieve a profitable income from zero to $100k in less than a year. You don’t need to have experience in creating content, special skills, audience, product, landing page, or startup capital to begin with. 

The course teaches you the most straightforward and most productive process of generating income online using the right strategy and phase to a smooth six-figure yearly profit. While it does not guarantee and reveal overnight success, it provides a step-by-step guide not just for beginners but also with expert entrepreneurs to put the perfect effort that is guaranteed to work. 

With a great course under your belt, it will teach you how to instantly and easily earn profit per week for every campaign. With the use of a content amplification procedure, using a software platform, the AmpiFire, which automates running the campaign (shout out). This process allows you to seamlessly and effortlessly publish, create, repurpose, syndicate, or distribute contents through various sites that generate traffic. 

With the 100k ShoutOut, you can automate all the omnipresent digital marketing campaigns that allow you instant $2,079 weekly recurring revenue. The course also teaches entrepreneurs the secret to landing on top search engines for a sustainable and scalable business with $100l profit yearly. Using the AmpiFire software, you can automate the manual process of content amplification. 


AmpiFire Software

AmpiFire software created by Chris Munch allows content amplification, which automates the method of running omnipresent campings online with $100K ShoutOut. With AmpiFire, it will enable users to publish or create high-quality content on high-impact, high-traffic sites that generate traffic, sales, or lead conversion. 

AmpiFire is ideal for any business that wants to have better and improve visibility and exposure efficiently and faster. With more leads and visitors exploring your services and products, it generates traffic for buyers and upscales your business instantly. 

One of AmpiFire’s benefits is complete automation, which reduces the workload on your end-part but increases profit at the same time. AmpiFire creates & publishes blogs and news to real high-traffic destinations while landing your stories to significant sites or mainstream media platforms. 

The software distributes or creates video content that attracts excellent leads. Media types like video can generate up to 80% overall online traffic. 


The Asigo System

It’s a training program that comes with practical application tools for digital marketing and eCommerce business. It’s a training course that allows you to generate a stable and sustainable income less the hard work with complete automation that enables you to sell high-ticket services. 

It offers a unique five-step method strategically designed to generate profits online. 



All of Chris Munch online training courses are suitable for beginners who want to be an expert to the digital market and entrepreneurs who want to have a stable and sustainable online income with less work and higher profit. Following the previously offered course, $100K Shoutout, comes the Asigo System, launching by the end of July 2020, is the highlight of every eCommerce business and digital marketers journey to success and high-profit online store.

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