Investing in a Coffee Store, Good Decision, or Not?

Have you wanted to start your cafeteria? Don’t you know anything about coffee? The world of coffee shops is exciting, and there are basic things you should know:

  • What coffee machine to choose?
  • What coffee to buy?
  • How to pay for your drinks and food?
  • What is the best location for a coffee business?
  • Which cafeteria model is more profitable? Kiosk, stand, express bar, etc.
  • How much does it cost to set up a cafeteria?

It doesn’t matter if you are an office worker, young entrepreneur, retiree or you are going to put the cafeteria in pairs, these tips are for you.

Start Cafeteria from Zero

If you have savings and have wanted to start your business, coffee has grown everywhere between 10-15% every year. It is a safe business because people will always eat and drink: morning, afternoon, and night.

Compared to other businesses such as laundry or a gym, the cafeteria requires less staff and less investment. In addition, there are more locations with potential such as hospitals, universities, factories, shopping centers, markets, among others.

Recently, one of our clients traveled to Mexico to take courses with us. He told me about a popular concept in the Southern Cone: the Wonderland cafeteria. A new niche in specialty coffee shops: gluten-free, vegetarian options, and good coffee. I have also seen other examples such as the Down the Rabbit Hole coffee shop, from our CDMX client, an extraordinary themed coffee shop. We live in the fourth wave of specialty coffee. You are in time to start your cafeteria!

  1. How much does it cost to set up a cafeteria? Is it profitable?

According to Byblos Coffee, to put your cafeteria, you must have a budget. With a minimum of 3,500 USD and a maximum of 100,000 USD, franchises, the cafeteria has a moderate investment. For example, the common franchise has an investment start of 20,000 USD.

Why is a coffee shop profitable? Because 1 kg of coffee is bought at $ 10-20 USD, and once you have transformed it into a liquid, that same coffee is sold at the double rate. Why? Because there’s always a 30% return in the end.

To start your cafeteria and set your budget, you should consider:

  • What are coffee shops around? How are you going to differentiate yourself?
  • What menu of drinks with coffee, cold drinks, and snacks does your market want?
  • What are your themes and decoration?
  • How many square meters will your business occupy? How much does the rent (rent) cost?

Why investing money in a restaurant is a good idea?

The answer is simple, investing money in a restaurant is an excellent idea because people like to go out to eat outside, both for the taste, for the environment, for the fact of not having to cook or wash dishes, for leaving your home, etc. So the need exists, that already gives you half the way traveled; you should only be able to cover it.

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