Businesses Have a Preference for Windows According to a Recent Case Study 

Windows is probably one of the most used computer operating systems across the world and we all know that windows is more popular than mac. If the reports of recent surveys carried out in this field are taken into account then you will find that businesses throughout the world have a preference for Windows. This is mainly due to the fact that privacy and personalization of the users are not affected in any circumstances when they are using Windows operating systems. Windows 10 in this category comes in the form of a great improvement on all the other versions. Nevertheless, there are certain privacy problems with Windows 10 and these can easily be done away with by going for a VPN or Virtual Private Network.  Best VPN software for Windows 10 are as under:


This VPN software for Windows 10 is excellent for P2P traffic and torrenting. The VON features well-designed and executed client offering a wide assortment of advanced and basic settings. The VPN has got sufficient options for satisfying the most expert tinkerers. It is probably one of the best VPN software for P2P traffic and for torrenting as well. It is available in several languages like Hindi, Russian and Spanish. The software has a strict no logs policy and offers proper protection and security with 256-bit encryption on PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols. IPVanish might be a little expensive in comparison to the other VPN software versions available in the market. Also, it does not come with free trial option.

Hotspot Shield

This software offers ultra-fast VPN. By making the effective use of this VN software, you can access a very secure internet quickly and connect to different applications. Whether users are looking to chat with friends on social networks or stream videos or scan through news, they can easily do so by using Hotspot Shield. This software can even allow users to play high-octane games on the internet with required privacy. The multi-device compatibility of this software provides the users with more flexibility. This further allows them to get their tasks done through any device. The users can use just one single account for installing this software of five devices.

Private Internet Access

If you are in the look out of an inexpensive but highly proficient VPN software for Windows 10 then there can be nothing better than Private Internet Access. This VPN software enjoys the good repute of protecting the private browsing information of users. It works by clocking malware, advertisements and trackers in the most effective manner. This helps the users in handling their jobs with required safety and speed. Hence, there are very little chances of the users being distracted while browsing or surfing the internet.


This VPN software offers appreciable performance and serves as the go-top option for a large number of people. The software provides five connections giving users the flexibility of switching between devices in the most seamless manner.

Top quality VPN software for Windows 10 offers good security features, fast speeds and is easy to use as well.