Pow Wow Etiquette

Pow Wows are celebrations where First Nations and non-First Nations people meet to dance, sing, socialize, and honour First Nations culture.  Following Pow Wow etiquette demonstrates respect and consideration for the Elders, dancers, singers, and drummers who are sharing their cultural traditions.

  • People should stand during all ceremonial songs and dances.  these include the Grand Entry, Flag Songs, Veteran songs, Honour Songs and any other songs that the M.C. designates as ceremonial songs.
  • Use courtesy and respect when photographing.  The M.C. will announce when it is not acceptable to take photos such as during the Grand Entry.  If you would like to take a photograph of a dancer outside of the circle, pelase ask permission from the person or group you are photographing.
  • Respect the Elders, drummers, singers and dancers.
  • The dancers wear regalia while they are dancing, not “costumes”.  Please do not touch the regalia.