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(Maximum 19 participants.  Please pre-register at welcome desk)

Hugh Hill

Hugh has been given many teachings through talking to and listening to elders and speakers in his travels. As with all of the teachings he has learned along the way these teachings are to be passed along. Hugh has been giving workshops on both traditional and social hand drums, Traditional and social big drums (pow wow drums), the Medicine wheel and sewn rawhide rattles. Hugh has given workshops and teachings in small and large groups in Ontario, Michigan and Quebec as well as groups touring from Europe and Asia. Hugh continues to learn and teach and pass along what his has been given and told.

Hugh Hill , Laka’tos, is from the Oneida Nation, living in St Thomas Ont.
Hugh has been a drum maker for the past 18 years as well as many other traditional crafts he has been taught or picked up along the way. Hugh is also a traditional dancer and addends many traditional gatherings and pow wows throughout the year.

When: 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm  SUNDAY ONLY
Location: Museum Classroom (located off the Museum Gallery)
Facilitator: Hugh Hill