Pow Wows are celebrations where First Nations and non-First Nations people meet to dance, sing, socialize, and honour First Nations culture.  There is generally a dance competition, but there are also sacred traditions to be found in this coming together of people.


Dennis Whiteye, Pow Wow Arena Director
Dennis Whiteye, originally from Walpole Island, has been a champion Fancy Dancer on the Pow – Wow circuit since he was very young and has danced in the USA and Europe as well as in many locations in Canada. He is currently a peer support worker at At’lohsa Native Healing Services, London. Dennis is also a member of the Naahii Singers (Drummers )and Dancers from Moraviantown, Ontario Their mission is to teach First Nations and non-Natives the art of traditional men and women’s dances, as well as communal dancing. Dennis is one of the main organizers of our Pow Wow.


Gordon Nicotine-Sands, Pow Wow M.C.
Gordon Nicotine-Sands is originally for the Poundmaker First Nation, Saskatchewan. He was taught the culture and singing by his father who was a traditional healer and keeper of the Plains-Cree culture. Eagle Flight Singers (drummers) and Dancers was established in 1993. The group has been participating in Pow Wows internationally ever since. Eagle Flight also participates in cultural and educational performances and they have produced several CDs in recent years. He considers the educational components to be very important and, as such, accompanies the dances with a commentary where he explains to audiences the traditional significance and artistic intricacies of the various dances and regalia. Gordon is one of our main organizers and artistic directors for the Pow Wow.