2017 Workshops and Demonstrations


Children and Youth Games and Activities
When: Saturday & Sunday
Location: Attawandaron Park
Children and youth can enjoy face painting, harvest themed crafts, games, and
prizes. Local community booths, including Let’s Talk Science, will also offer
interactive activities.

When: Saturday & Sunday, Ongoing
Location: Attawandaron Park
Facilitator: Axkook Archery
Come and try your hand at Archery. Axkook Archery gives you the opportunity
and some tips to test your skills at this survival sport.


Pottery Pit Firing Demonstration
When: Saturday & Sunday, Ongoing
Location: Outdoor Village
Facilitator: London Potters Guild
Members of the London Potters Guild demonstrate Pit Firing , the oldest known
method for the firing of pottery, dating back as early as 29,000-25,000 BCE. The
firing is set up and started Saturday morning, the pots left overnight and unveiled
Sunday morning. Talk to the potters, find out about the Guild, and learn about this
exciting traditional method of firing pottery.

Historical Re-enactors
When: Saturday & Sunday, Ongoing
Location: Outdoor Village Site
Facilitator: Upper Canada Woodland Allies Historical Re-enactors
The Upper Canada Woodland Allies are a reenactment group dedicated to telling
the story of Indigenous Peoples’ involvement in the colonial period; particularly
the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War of the US. We do this by re-creating
encampments, practicing and demonstrating the crafts & life skills according to
the age group present, relating the oral history of the Mohawk Nation and others
as related to these eras and, participating in films related to these eras also. Our
group has about 30 members and is comprised of both indigenous peoples and
non-natives spread out over the United States and Canada, mostly Ontario and
Ohio. The Upper Canada Woodland Allies regularly participate in historic battle
reenactments both in Canada and the United States.

Flint Knapping Demonstrations
When: Saturday & Sunday, On-going
Location: Outdoor Village Site
Facilitator: Southern Ontario Flint Knappers
Ever wanted to learn how arrowheads are made? The Southern Ontario Flint
Knappers will show you how! Flint knapping is the making of flaked or chip stoned
tools. This technology was used in prehistoric times by the Native peoples of North
America to make spear and dart points, arrowheads, knives, scrapers and other
stone tools.